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Comic strip for Monday , April 26 , 2004


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Song spotlight: "Birdhouse in your soul" by They Might Be Giants

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Mar 8th We're on track again.

Feb 12th
It seems I can update again. Cheerio.
Jan 18th
Wow, I'm actually on time with the strip. I guess I broke some record. :foxie:
Dec 23rd
Ha! NOW I can officially declare Christmas hiatus. See you all next year!
Nov 19th
Fixed some stuff around.
Oct 13th
Now, it's the third week since the lessons began, and we still do not know completely our schedule. I have holes everywhere between classes, an often lessons in the lunchtime. I need time to catch up with college.
I know I am already slow as slow can be, but I want Legeng Knights to be something properly done, and not just thrown together. Sto stay tuned, LK will go on, and keep surprising you. But slowly. :P
Sep 22nd
No color today, maybe later. *fall unconsciuous under a pile of electronics tests*
Sep 3rd
Wh00t!! My guest strip online at Alice! Comics! For those who don't get the joke, keep in mind that I wrote it during the hiatus right after this panel.
I also had a guest strip on Clan of the Cats.
Another important news: LK now has its own domain WWW.LEGENDKNIGHTS.TK. For now this is only a cloak but somewhen it's going to become a real domain name. Bookmark it right now!
Jul 7th
Another big-sized one... did I mention this comic is not PG?
Jul 1st
That's it, one year of madness and random updates.
Jun 17th
Sorry for the late strip. It took me forever to finish drawing it and I just hadn't the strenght to do the coloring and lettering. This one is quite big in size, even though it's a 50% ratio in jpeg.
I'm trying to look for a new font, since people tends to look bad those who use the good ol' Comic Sans MS (which instead I think does a pretty good job); I don't think I'm ready to spend 150$ on a font that might look good in big sizes but looks crappy in small print. Oh well, if I don't find one you'll have to stick with Comic Sans.
Jun 2nd
Today starts Legend Knights in italian - the english version will still be hosted on KeenSpace. The LK Forum has merged with the message board for my italian site: the new URL is http://www.auroraproject.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=1.
April 11th
The "Nothing" ASCII pic has been compressed because way too big. You can download it here.
Dec 2nd
I guess not many people will recognize the anime that Laura&Laura are quoting... this makes me feel really old! ^^ I don't even know if it has been aired in the states because I haven't been able to find a single english site about the series. Oh well.
Jul 22nd
I have made two guest strips for Go for it!, a great comic by R. L. Peterson. Go check them today and on wednesday.
Jul 15th
Yay! First fanart! *^__^* /me is happy!
Go check it on the fan page.
Jul 1st
Here we are! The story begins right now, call all of your friends! =)

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