Legend Knights - A Fantasy Comic Epic Drama by Ian [Atrus] Gazzotti

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Laura Basaglia


Laura's family moved to Scotland when her father's office was transferred to the city where they now live in. She however is Italian, born in the city of San Gimignano, and loves to spend her holidays in her country of origin. She is a very lively girl, constantly running from one place to the other, and is an active member of the science club (the only subject she's really good at). At the beginning of the story she is 16.

Luke Miller


Luke was born in a small city in the mountains, where he lived with his father up to the age of 15. Since there were no other boys his age he became a very quiet and solitary person; he used to spend all his free time in the woods, practicing his flute for hours. At the age of 16 he moved to a bigger city to complete his studies, but his shy and sensitive nature and his dislike of crowds made it very difficult for him to live in the new environment . At the beginning of the story he is 18.

Laura Vega Baccini


The only daughter of the last exponents of two noble families, Laura has always been treated like a small princess: lots of money, a private teacher, etiquette courses and all of that. She, however, is much of a tomboy and tries to escape from her oppressive family anytime she can. At the beginning of the story she is 16.

Harry Nechayev


Harry appears as the typical big guy with no brains who simply loves to bully and have fun at others' expense. Actually he is one of the best students in town and the leader of the high school ski team. He is the son of a renowned navy admiral, but he hates his father for reasons he never explained to anyone. At the beginning of the story he is 18.

Lita Junepre


Lita, or 'Juniper' to friends, is a versatile artist who is attending a professional art school. She lives alone in a two-floor shed which is both her house and her workshop, where she displays her paintings, wood-carvings and design works. She is a free spirit and a nonconformist. In her spare time she loves to watch romance movies while eating Japanese food. At the beginning of the story she is 17.

John Quinto


John is your classic short-tempered, bad-mannered always-clad-in-black guy who hates being called goth or dark. He has no interest in the world whatosoever, just as long as he feels he is the best thing around and his brother doesn't bug him. At the beginning of the story he is 18.

John Quinto


Jimmy is a shy boy, fond of role-playing and video games; for some reason he worships his brother John, who instead thinks of him as a nuisance. At the beginning of the story he is 15.

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