Legend Knights - A Fantasy Comic Epic Drama by Ian [Atrus] Gazzotti

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Legend Knights (LK) is the story of a group of boys and girls that is misteriously transported to a strange world called the Millenium, where magic and high technology exist together in a Renaissance-like setting.
In the first part of the story the guys do not know why they arrived in the Millenium; they don't have the slightest idea about what they should do there and so they end up just hanging around trying to learn how to live in the other world.
However, as time goes by, they discover strange secrets about the world they are living in...

This story spans a lot of genres, from the comical to the drama to the sci-fi to the metaphysical to the filled-with-magic-highly-spectacular-and-pyrotechnic fantasy fiction.
The first incarnation of Legend Knights dates back to 1996, in the form of a play-by-mail called Crystal Knight's Dream; since the game was played by *MAIL* and not by e-mail, you might guess that it didn't have a long life. However, many of the charachters like Laura-Twilight, Luke, Johnny and Lucia still wanted to have some part in a story...
After a heavy rearrangement both in cast and in the general plot I started making the first sketches of important chapters of the story... and now I have finally decided to make it an online comic, which I think is the best medium for this kind of narration

Happy reading!


Here I am! As you might guess my online nickname comes from the Atrus charachter of the MYST saga. My real name is Ian Gazzotti, I am an italian student of the class of '79; I'm studying Telecom engineering and in the spare time I do too many things, including among the many: writing fantasy and science fiction stories, constructing websites, drawing, making photographs, playing pbem games and waiting for my travel to D'ni.

You can see some of my works on my website: http://www.atrus.terrediconfine.net
Alas, the site is completely in italian, so you'll probably only be interested in the photography section. :)

How to contact me

If you want to drop any comment, feedback, questions, fan art, or if you simply want to drop me two lines, you can send me a message via...
E-mail : atrus@despammed.com
ICQ : 33086177
AIM : AdmiralAtrus
Y! : Admiral_Atrus

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